Decoding Customer Intent is The Key To Unlocking Your Website’s Potential

Are you confident your customers find what they're looking for on your website? If not, it’s time to turn to intent analytics. 

Value of Top Task

When a website’s performance isn’t meeting expectations, it’s tempting to look at rebranding as the solution. But, often, changing your company’s image won’t solve the underlying issue – simply rebranding or redesigning your website without understanding customer needs misses the mark when it comes to user experience (UX). 

Guided by Gerry McGovern’s top task methodology, our intent analytics software helps define what matters most to your customers. 

Gain Valuable Insights with the Top Task Methodology and Task Analytics

The best way to decode customer intent is by using Top Task Management. For decades, this web management methodology,  has helped companies align business objectives with user objectives, eliminating bottlenecks and prioritizing use cases for better web management.

“The worst possible way to design a web site is to have five smart people in a room drinking lattes discussing branding” 

- Gerry McGovern in his book, 'The Stranger’s Long Neck'

Task Analytics – Your Solution for Top Task Management

To help you get the most out of the Top Task Management model, we developed intent analytics software that gives you key insights into how customers interact with your website.

  • Why visitors are coming to your website
  • Why they took the path they did
  • Whether they were able to complete their intended objective. And, if not, what they did next.

Task Analytics helps you discover:

With Task Analytics, your digital team will have a clean, engaging way to look at completion rates, which will help them prioritize projects according to customer demand.

Continuously Measure Intent with Task Analytics

Over time, top tasks will change and so must your website. With Task Analytics, your enterprise will be able to constantly identify key issues that drive customers away, and use that data to inform your website design.

Continuous measurement lets you:

  • Use completion rates to gauge the success of your website
  • Identify user demands that your current website fails to meet
  • Prioritize the redesign of certain Web pages over others

Imagine a website where costly disruptions in UX and SEO don’t exist. It’s possible, and the solution is Task Analytics.

Increased Revenue

Customers who are able to achieve their objective – such as purchasing a product or service – right on your website are more likely to buy. That’s instant money in your pocket.

Decreased Costs

When customers carry out transactions completely online, you won’t waste time or resources walking them through the process in-store or over the phone.

Higher Satisfaction Rates

It’s been said that customers only write reviews when they have a bad experience. That’s why we’ve designed our software to help you craft a better UX.

Benefits of Measuring Intent

See How Intent Analytics Has Helped Others

Posten | Norwegian Postal Service

Posten, the Norwegian Postal Service, was trying to figure out why their package delivery service pages had almost no views – even as their volume of packages was increasing. Using our software, they discovered that the majority of customers were, in fact, coming to their site to ship or track a package, but most users were unable to complete their objective. Using these insights, the company redesigned their website, effectively increasing completion rates, and in turn, pulling in new revenue.

Möller Bil | International Car Company

Möller Bil wanted to find out why their certified pre-owned (CPO) campaigns were underperforming. With our intent analytics software, they discovered that their CPO completion rate was dismal, so they completed a website redesign that focused on promoting their pre-owned selection. As a result, the completion rates for scheduling a test drive and general certified pre-owned inquiries improved drastically.

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