Use Task Analytics with Adobe Analytics for New Insights

Get the data you need to guide your web management strategy by combining Task Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

Expand Your Web Analytics

While Adobe Analytics can deliver fallout, flow and path analysis data and more, it can’t tell you why a customer came to your site, why they took the path they did and why they ended their session without making a purchase. Task Analytics, on the other hand, can.

Adobe Analytics Integration

Task Analytics was designed to enhance your existing analytics tool – not replace it. With Task Analytics, you’ll be able to gather insights into user intent – and thus, be better positioned to make changes to your website that improve user experience (UX).

Analytics Enhancement

When you integrate Task Analytics into Adobe Analytics, you can measure user intent to pinpoint top tasks, as well as identify completion rates.

Upon integration, tasks will be sent directly to Adobe Analytics, so your digital team can:

See completion rates and other analytics in one convenient place

Gain in-depth insights into user behavior

Concentrate on users who are unable to complete intended tasks

Meet KPI Targets

Completion rate, or the percentage of visitors that are able to achieve their specific task, is not only an important key performance indicator (KPI) – it helps give enterprises new insights into other top KPIs, such as increasing revenue, reducing cost and improving customer satisfaction.

With Task Analytics, you can continuously measure the success of your website to boost completion rates and other top KPIs.

Gain powerful insights into your UX by combining Task Analytics with Adobe Analytics. Discover how our intent analytics software can revolutionize your web analytics strategy by contacting us today.

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