Add Task Analytics to Google Analytics to Gain New Insights

Task Analytics builds on top of Google Analytics data to help you discover customer intent.

Get The Data You Didn't Know You Needed

While Google Analytics gives you access to a lot of indispensible information, it doesn’t have all the information your enterprise needs.

To gain deeper insights, you need to measure customer intent. Task Analytics software easily integrates into existing tools, like Google Analytics, to help you decode customer intent – so you can make informed decisions about your web design.

Measuring Intent Matters

Do you know what visitors are coming to your site to do? Are they able to complete their intended task? If not, what do they do instead?

Once you understand why your customers were unable to complete a specific task, you can make changes to your site to ensure those same issues don’t occur again in the future.





Book a flight

See baggage fees

Find out arrival times

Check frequent flyer points

Contact customer support

Google Analytics Integration

Task Analytics is an analytics enhancement – not an analytics replacement.

  • Easily see completion rates
  • Use Behavior Flow to gain insights into customer behavior
  • Filter by users who were unable to complete specific tasks

With the integration of our intent analytics software, tasks are sent to Google Analytics, letting you:

Make Completion Rate Your Top KPI

Completion rate complements the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you already measure with Google Analytics.

When you eliminate flaws in UX with insights from Task Analytics, you instantly improve completion rate, which leads to increased revenue, cost reductions and improved customer satisfaction.

Curious about combining Task Analytics with Google Analytics? Register for an account today, and enjoy up to 200 responses with no obligation.

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